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What can I do to help my teenage child with ASD become capable of living independently?

Finding training that teaches your child to develop functional skills, critical thinking and life independence was nearly impossible… until now!

Parents Have Questions

I had the privilege of being part of an online Resource Expo hosted by the Chicago Autism Network recently.

The idea was to bring together resources virtually so that parents might find new avenues to help their kids.

As one of the presenters selected to be a resource, I got to talk to some really great families working hard to bring their kids with ASD to the next level.

And the parents had questions. Lots of questions. Most parents had kids between the ages of 11 and 18 that were high functioning. Their goal was to find ways to develop the skills needed for their child to become successful and independent. These are functional skills, critical thinking skills and executive functioning skills. Parents also commented on the lack of information available to teach these skills.

Cracking The Code

Cracking the Code for Teens and Young Adults with ASD is part of our mission at the National Autism Academy. Parents were excited to discover that the insights and strategies to help their teenagers and young adults handle what happens after they age out of the school system. And they’re easily accessible. (Click here to read about our Cracking The Code for Teens and Young Adults with ASD.)

So many parents are given options to keep their kids doing well in school, but practical information on how to help their kids thrive outside of school or beyond high school is rare.

Without the key insights and strategies parents need to help address what is involved in becoming independent – and how to prepare for it, our teenagers and young adults are faced with a grim outlook for handling the rest of their life once they they age out of the school system.

That’s something that weighs heavy on all of us as parents. I got so many comments, such as…

“I am so glad to find there is hope for young adults and teens!”

What a much-needed resource, there is so little for helping with Teens and Young Adults.”

Thank you for being here, we don’t know what to do next!”

The message was clear.

Teaching The Next Steps

Families with teens and young adults are struggling to find next steps that work, that are manageable from a time standpoint given all of life’s other commitments, and also that are affordable! These steps go beyond ABA therapy and social skills groups. They teach parents what to do to identify the specific needs of their child, and learn to execute the special parenting that a child with ASD needs to live their live their best, most independent life.

Most importantly, families were grateful that there is a resource with experience and a track record of success walking the teenage and young adult part of their journey with them!

Come join us to learn how to build independence, functional skills, and greater satisfaction for your teen or young adult. (Click here to check out our Independence Readiness training for parents.)

Thank you for taking time to understand more, but knowing isn’t enough! Let us help you take the next simple step toward implementing your knowledge for your relief or the relief of others.

Feet taking the next step
Take the Next Step!

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