There is So Much Hope for the Future of your Grandchildren with ASD!

Every child with autism deserves to reach their potential. And we at the National Autism Academy are determined to make that come true.

Autism is not a disease, not mental illness, not an issue of character. Individuals on the Autism Spectrum are not sick, bad, broken or wrong. Their behavior is not because they are lazy, spoiled, or parented poorly. They simply process the world differently. By learning how people with ASD experience the world, we can bring an understanding powerful enough to make a difference in their lives.

Together we can change the paradigm from

DISability to DIFability

and teach our children the skills they need to succeed!

You don’t have to sit on the sidelines helplessly!

Early intervention is known to support individuals with an ASD diagnosis in living their best lives. Consistent strategies proven to be effective can make life on the autism spectrum easier for everyone – child and family alike. We provide manageable solutions that help the child succeed today while supporting their development long-term. That’s because we know that it can be overwhelming to try to navigate all that’s involved – how to more effectively connect with the child, manage the need for support, improve cooperation and increase the child’s ability to succeed in day to day life. But there are workable solutions … and you don’t have to sit on the sidelines helplessly!

Finding the right support is important!

Choose the Right Support

Unfortunately, there is still a huge gap in the education level and knowledge of both the general public and many professionals who come in contact with individuals with ASD.  Choosing the right support is a game-changer; deep understanding and experience of how autism influences life success will make an immediate difference in helping each individual with ASD be more comfortable in their own skin and more successful in life! Without it, a parent or therapeutic provider cannot advocate as powerfully, and will probably miss important signals that compromise the individual’s long-term welfare or their ability to reach their potential! Beware of inexperience or generalized treatment of symptoms!

Even many therapies designed for individuals with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis, such as Traditional Therapy, Floor Time, Play Therapy and ABA Therapy may have a place in your child’s overall treatment, but they will not teach the functional skills necessary for the independence and true success that we focus on at the National Autism Academy.

Everyone in the Family Matters!

As an important family member, it’s natural to experience fear, grief, and worry about the future when you hear the word “Autism.” We all do, and we need to find the right place to openly discuss those feelings and concerns. Part of managing the existence of autism in any family is the emotional experience of those around the individual with ASD. The National Autism Academy’s mission of “Encourage, Educate, Support” includes providing emotional support for other family members and professionals in accomplishing a task that at times can require strength, balance, and tenacity. A stable, strong, healthy emotional environment can provide much more effective support than one in which everyone is exhausted, afraid or feels alone and uncertain about how to proceed. Our programs include this essential emotional support.

As a Grandparent, there’s a way to bring your contributions more to the forefront. This training provides great insight and understanding into some of the key aspects about autism and the family. It offers a clear path for grandparents to follow to up-level the ways they make a difference.  Filled with tools, techniques and strategies, this short training will guide you through uncovering more ways to be a positive support – to both parent and grandchild – so they can experience more consistent progress, more family cohesiveness, and more happiness throughout their life.

As a grandparent, you stand in a powerful position to contribute so much to the success of your grandchild and their parents.

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