The National Autism Academy works with people touched by someone on the Autism Spectrum. Our clients desire to grow in understanding of how to better navigate their relationship with the individual on the spectrum, as well as uncovering easy ways to help that person grow to their full potential.

We serve…



Social Workers



Family Members

… and all those whose underlying interest is gaining more understanding and having more fulfilling relationships while achieving greater success when engaging with those on the autism spectrum.

Showing people how to reach, touch and impact others more effectively is just one of the reasons we offer trainings. In them, we use clinically proven and home-tested methods that show you effective ways to create more success for the individual with autism and you, reach better outcomes for the entire family, and offer some really impactful ways to provide better support.

Welcome to the National Autism Academy, where our mission is to:

  • Encourage, educate and support the parents, families, professionals and teachers who work with those on the autism spectrum for the purpose of increasing understanding, effectiveness, and the best outcomes for all.
  • Create greater awareness, acceptance, understanding, and accommodation of those with ASD in the general public.
  • Address and create solutions that resolve long-term issues facing the global community around autism

Evidenced Based. Clinically Validated.

This body of work is not only evidence based, it is also validated through 25 years in clinical use. It is delivered in an easy to digest, fresh format that makes it easy to implement. Training for groups or individual support are both available.

The National Autism Academy Champions these beliefs:

  • The education and understanding of those around the person with autism is the solution to the growing autism challenges faced in the world at large.
  • Autism effects every member of the family.
  • The key to success in working with someone with autism is focusing on building the individuals strengths and offering support where needed; this requires a deep understanding of how individuals with ASD process, record, and view the world around them.
  • The world needs to meet individuals on the autism spectrum part way wherever possible.
  • An individual with autism (and the way they think) is not sick, broken, wrong or bad. They process the world in a different way than those who are neuro-typical, and when we judge them by traditional standards, we all lose.
  • Demanding that an individual with ASD figure out how to “fit in” to a social environment without regard for their differences is a dis-service to the individual.
  • Individuals with autism are able to live full and productive lives to the same degree that they would if they were not on the autism spectrum.