“The National Autism Academy helps parents of children with autism create practical solutions that lead to consistent and repeatable success, reduced frustration and more joy and peace in their family life.”

At the National Autism Academy, our goal is to help transform the autism parenting experience to one that:

  • Moves your child down the road to independence
  • Feels more manageable
  • Feels more peaceful, more supported and more fulfilling
  • Honors the gifts of the child on the spectrum
  • Nurtures the entire family

At the National Autism Academy, we believe:

  • Every person with autism is a unique and cherished individual
  • The foundation of a healthy approach is unconditional love
  • As parents, the greatest resources we can leverage for change is our knowledge, our own perspective and our own emotional health
  • Parenting a child with autism can be a joyful experience
  • All members of the family are affected by one member’s autism, and so we are all part of the equation for success