Empower Your Autism Experience

Jeanne Beard

Autism Thought Leader & Inspiring Keynote Speaker

Gain Insight, Manageability & Inspiration

Warm, insightful and personable, Jeanne delivers thought provoking, powerful ideas that will compel your audience to ask for more. As a true professional, she will engage and empower your group to implement what they learn during the program.

Two of Jeanne’s Dynamic Topics

The #1 Way We Influence Our Child on the Spectrum
It is vitally important that we understand that we are all part of the autism equation. Your audience will learn effective strategies to provide fertile ground to maximize the success of the individual with autism. A better prepared you makes a healthier them.

Autism in the Real World
Your audience will gain a basic understanding of autism with applicable tools and strategies to help make their relationships with anyone on the autism spectrum more effective and effortless.

Other Topics Include
Winning the Inner Game of Parenting a Child with Autism, Staying Positive in the Face of Constant Frustration, Accountability without Blaming and Shaming

Words of Praise

“Jeanne’s personal sharing was so valuable. What a relief to hear someone share about their own life in an honest and meaningful way.”


“I got a new perspective on what I was experiencing in my relationship with my son. I stopped blaming him and that has changed everything.”


“I learned one important idea that helped me to shift my expectations of my son, and that led a new level of closeness and effectiveness for me as a parent.”


To learn more or book Jeanne for your next event,
call 800-266-7013, ext 3, or email [email protected]