The BEST program I have found is the National Autism Academy. They are AMAZING!!! Worth every single dime. They are the only ones we have gotten any help from and their help has been priceless!! Now I feel like I have a full box of practical tools to use to help my son become the best person he can be and to create a more peaceful environment at home.

Janna Pyle

There are so many good resources and I am learning so much. It just overwhelming me trying to absorb so much so fast. This is a wonderful thing you do for families involved with children on the spectrum. I pray for you all at the Academy every day. Keep up the wonderful work you do and May God Bless it.

Bonny Adams

I raise my grandson, he’s 12. when I took the course, and I got more useful information here than from 5 years of “therapists” reports at his behavioral medicine clinic.

Thank you so much for teaching me how to make our lives better.

Joy Jackson

I would like to personally recommend the National Autism Academy to any parent with a child on the Autism Spectrum. I was searching for something that would allow me to support my son in his journey. The frustrating part was that often times, I felt like the professionals were not really connected enough to understand the issue from my point of view. Most of what I got was highly clinical or just absent of real knowledge.

In the National Autism Academy, I found a group of parents who are living with the story that I live with today. My son is in his teens and this is one of the most difficult periods because he is in the gray area of Autism. He is too old to get real good intervention services from the school district and too young to really look to just a “way of life” strategy. I felt almost like I was running and chasing clouds for answers. The group of people in this Academy were wonderful, Dr. Wahlberg, Jeanne Beard and Larry Rutkowski were amazing people who informed, educated and supported parents with “concrete” strategies.

The discussions and real life working sessions with Dr. Wahlberg were amazing – worth me getting up at 6am on Saturday. The portal with videos and material to educate parents on something we all have been grasping at straws to understand was amazing. It was structured in a way that lead you down a journey to build to knowledge. I can truly recommend the academy to any parent who feels like there is no one really who hears you. The bulk of our issues as parents are that we feel like if someone would just simplify what we need to do, we could then feel like we could parent better. Part of the issue of parenting all by itself is that it is a 50/50 – hit or miss but for parents with autism we are missing the definition of the 50 so we don’t know what we are missing. Thank you for this program and I again I recommend it highly to anyone.

Tonya Hawkins

Jeanne has a gifted way of guiding you to see the source of your challenge and working with her I was able to shift my long held belief that no longer served me. I found her to be compassionate as well as insightful as she coached me through this transformation process. I would highly recommend her and her life coaching skills for whatever beliefs, circumstances or any other negative thinking that is keeping you from living your life fully.

Judy Prokopiak

Jeanne Beard and Dr. Wahlberg have been absolutely wonderful in working with us to help our son. Jeanne knows first hand how difficult things can get for parents and she has the knowledge and the caring heart to help. I don’t think there is two people more knowledgeable about autism. You can’t go wrong by enrolling in this amazing program! Only a few weeks into it and we have been blessed by the help we’ve received.

Paul Pyle

The Essential Parenting Guidance course was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I have never partaken in such a well thought out in depth course dealing with my loved one’s Autism. I developed a new understanding as to why my son does some of the things he does and coping skills to handle melt downs and so forth. I also enjoyed meeting others across the country who were dealing with some of the same issues I am dealing with on a daily basis it helps cross referencing your experiences with others and learning what they do in certain instances that may help you.

The program was well put together and ran very professionally! The modules covered every scenario or should I say most scenarios that you go through in a day with raising a son or daughter with Autism. I highly recommend the course for parents and care givers of individuals with Autism. The course I felt gave everyone hope in knowing that all is not lost and with a few changes and strategies put into place our daily experiences can get better and that our loved ones can lead a full life as much as possible! Thanks for caring enough to even take the time out and put the course together. It’s individuals like you taking time out of your busy schedule that makes me fill that there are people out there who care even though we may never meet in person! Thank you, Larry, Jeanne, and Dr. Wahlburg for all that you do!

K. Scott Wingfield

I’ve learned more ways to help my son in 2 weeks with NAA than the past 5 years with paraprofessionals. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m spreading the word!

Christine Thomas

…not only are you a great coach, so intuitive and you really get me BUT you are better than most therapists. So integrative and with lasting results!!

Holly Haupt

I would like to sincerely Thank, the NAA team for all their knowledge and support through this process. It has truly left me wanting more. I found the process to be extremely rewarding. I am an advocate for a child who can’t speak for herself, my Granddaughter Bailei, I am Grandmother first and caregiver second. I wouldn’t change the journey I walk for a million dollars. Through this learning process it has made my voice for her louder and stronger.

I know through the knowledge I’ve gained that when I speak on an issue that involves her, I’m certain of what I’m now talking about. One might say I was a force to be reckoned with before, no stopping me now. I speak for the children like Bailei. The children with ASD, the children who start their day with their backpacks already almost full and still must brave the world in which we live. All that I have been mentally equipped with will provide me with the tools to help her be successful. I’m like Mary Poppins I’ve got a spoon full of sugar and then some.

I couldn’t have done it without Jeanne, Dr. Wahlberg and Larry and the NAA supporters. My sincere thanks, to you all for seeing the vision and the need to help those who may thought there was no help. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge. This train is like the little engine that could, picking up passengers from stations in all walks of life who have no clue. This maybe my stop to exit for now, I got on with one piece of luggage I’m getting off with 7, mine and the 6 bags of modules and those bags are well packed for success and determination. Next stop ABA, this is just my journey but was within the plan and road map I received through this process. Thank you, filled with Blessings, Lessie Araya As I quickly hit SUBMIT!!

Lessie Araya