Teachers and Educators

There is So Much Hope for the Future of Kids with ASD!

Every child with autism deserves to reach their potential. And we at the National Autism Academy are determined to make that come true.

Autism is not a disease, not mental illness, not an issue of character. Individuals on the Autism Spectrum are not sick, bad, broken or wrong. Their behavior is not because they are lazy, spoiled, or parented poorly. They simply process the world differently. By learning how people with ASD experience the world, we can bring an understanding powerful enough to make a difference in their lives.

Together we can change the paradigm from

DISability to DIFability

and teach every child the skills they need to succeed!

Functional Skills


The Ability to Be Independant


Life Success!

Do You Ever Feel Like . . .

Maybe the kid with ASD diagnosis is manipulating you?

He/she could do this if they just applied themselves?

They are not really trying?

They intentionally ignored my instruction?

He said he understood, so if he didn’t comply, it was mis-behavior?

This kid’s family has issues?

I am so frustrated, nothing works with this kid?!

You don’t know what to do to help this child?

You need to have 2 different sets of rules for those with ASD and those without?

The child with ASD is disrupting your classroom?

The other children in the class are paying the price?

You simply don’t have enough minutes in the day to help the child with ASD?

This is a kid with a character problem?

If you do, you are not alone!

Successfully teaching an individual with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis is different than teaching students who are not on the autism spectrum. Students with ASD are motivated differently. Very often the classroom protocol is not followed – perhaps not even recognized by an individual with ASD. There are also those situations that trigger the students over-reaction and disrupt the entire classroom.

The National Autism Academy offers very simple strategies you can use to resolve these and other issues that arise in your classroom because you have a student on the spectrum. Our simple strategies will reduce your frustration, increase your results and support those who live with what the CDC calls “the fastest growing developmental Disorder in the U.S.”


You Matter Too!

As a teacher, it’s natural to experience frustration, aggravation and worry about the child in your classroom with autism. We need to find the right place to openly discuss our feelings. Part of coping with life with autism is managing our own emotional experience. The National Autism Academy’s mission of “Encourage, Educate, Support” includes providing emotional support for the frustration and difficulty we encounter when working with kids with ASD. When we as the adult can remain stable, strong, emotionally healthy, we can provide much more effective support than if we are exhausted, frustrated to our wits end, or feels alone and uncertain about how to proceed. Our programs include these essential emotional supports for teachers. A happier classroom for all, means for you too!

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