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Every person with autism deserves to reach their potential. And we at the National Autism Academy are determined to make that come true.

Together we can change the paradigm from

DISability to DIFability

and teach every individual the skills they need to succeed!

This training is ideal for therapists discovering that they have high functioning teen, young adult, or mature adult clients suspected to be, or diagnosed, on the autism spectrum. The training will supplement your current therapeutic style with successful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies developed over 25 years in clinical practice. By the end of the training you will have gained the insights you need to set yourself apart from most therapists without experience in ASD, and achieve long lasting success for your clients.

Functional Skills


The Ability to Be Independant


Life Success!

Dr. Wahlberg

How Autism Therapy is Different:

Successfully treating an individual with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis is different than other types of therapy. The very nature of the social disability that is at the heart of the difficulties of someone with ASD is what prevents traditional therapy from being effective. Dr. Wahlberg explores and explains those differences in detail and shares his successful therapeutic model in the training. Reduce your frustration, increase your results and support those who live with what the CDC calls “the fastest growing developmental Disorder in the U.S.”

Choose the Right Support

Unfortunately, there is still a huge gap in the education level and knowledge of both the general public and many professionals who come in contact with individuals with ASD.  Choosing the right support is a game-changer; deep understanding and experience of how autism influences life success will make an immediate difference in helping each individual with ASD be more comfortable in their own skin and more successful in life! Without it, a parent or therapeutic provider cannot advocate as powerfully, and will probably miss important signals that compromise the individual’s long-term welfare or their ability to reach their potential!

Even many therapies designed for individuals with an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis, such as Traditional Therapy, Floor Time, Play Therapy and ABA Therapy may have a place in your child’s overall treatment, but they will not teach the functional skills necessary for the independence and true success that we focus on at the National Autism Academy.

Make a difference in the lives of your clients with autism with clinically proven methods! Adapt your special style of therapy with strategies that are evidence based and clinically proven to accelerate change and make it lasting! Take what you already do successfully and tweak it with new knowledge about how individuals with autism think and perceive the world. The Training for Professionals Serving ASD Client’s and Their Families is an opportunity to easily access and leverage the most valuable and relevant concepts that have earned Dr. Wahlberg the nickname “the autism whisperer” over his 25-year therapeutic career.

The National Autism Academy has trainings for all members of the team so that parent and professional can work together. This can greatly reduce the frustration of therapy that isn’t as effective as it could be if it was being supported at home.

Everyone in the Family Matters! it’s natural for families to experience fear, grief, and worry about the future when you hear the word “Autism.” Parents need to find the right place to openly discuss those feelings and concerns with others who “get it.” Part of managing the existence of autism in any family is the emotional experience of those around the individual with ASD. The National Autism Academy’s mission of “Encourage, Educate, Support” includes providing emotional support for other family members and professionals in accomplishing a task that at times can require strength, balance, and tenacity. A stable, strong, healthy emotional environment can provide much more effective support than one in which everyone is exhausted, afraid or feels alone and uncertain about how to proceed. When you refer your parents to our programs, they will receive this essential emotional support along with the education they need to support your work!

The Best Results Happen When Parent and Professionals Work Together!


Evidence Based, Clinically Validated

The National Autism Academy’s material is evidence based and clinically validated over 25 years in use in the private practice of Dr. Tim Wahlberg. A complete listing of the relevant research Dr. Wahlberg draws from is provided with the training.

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