Recognizing “Can’t” vs “Won’t”


Do you recognize when your child cannot do something because of the autism, versus when they simply don’t want to do it?

Asking yourself this question is a great first step toward appreciating the difficulties and struggles of your child.

Can’t vs Won’t

(Click here to read more about The Steel Trap Syndrome.)

Stop The Blame

Blaming a child with autism for not being able to do what his or her neurotypical counterparts can do easily, is like blaming a diabetic for having issues with their blood sugar levels. (Click here to read more about I Have Autism.)

Autism Behavior Is Not A Character Issue

Autism’s emotion of choice is anger. Anger, which is a byproduct of the pain, frustration and confusion that individuals with ASD experience when they can’t control their environment. In other words, they’re not just angry people. They have a reason to be angry.

Accountability, ability to project outcomes, and the ability to feel and express emotion appropriately are also part and parcel of autism. While many outsiders blame our children for bad character, the truth is that their autism creates these behaviors. (Click here to read how Appreciation Makes Life With ASD Easier.)

Thank you for taking time to understand more, but knowing isn’t enough! Let us help you take the next simple step toward implementing your knowledge for your relief or the relief of others.

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