On-Line Training Center Courses

“Learn Practical Solutions for Consistent and Repeatable Success!”

Are You…

  • A parent, grandparent, caregiver or teacher of a child on the autism spectrum?
  • Wanting to do everything possible to make a positive contribution to this child you care about?
  • Experiencing feelings of doubt, fear, worry, and overwhelm as you work to have a positive impact on this child’s life today and in the future?
  • Feeling exhausted from working so hard and feeling like you are falling short in your role?

If yes, you are not alone…

Nurturing, guiding and caring for a child on the spectrum is not easy. Parenting a child with autism brings challenges and difficulties that most parents could never imagine. But, there are solutions to alleviate the struggles that can complicate our lives. Solutions that allow you to be the effective, successful happy parent you are meant to be!

Together we will find solutions that will quiet the worry and fear about your child’s future. You will also be able to reduce the frustration, uncertainty and angst in order to enjoy a more positive parenting experience.

Gain the insights, skills and support to confidently know what to do to help your child to feel better and progress!

The National Autism Academy invites you to join a caring community who will understand your struggles and frustrations like no one else can, because we’ve been there, too!


The premiere Autism training course that everyone in the Autism community is talking about!

If you are a parent, grandparent, sibling, caregiver or teacher of a child with autism…

This program is for you!


Grandparents are an important part of the support for families with autism.

With this course you will receive:

“20 Ways” Grandparent Program Guide packed with education about the drivers behind autistic behavior, common behavior patterns, basic intervention information

6 Modules of Concentrated Training to support you in your understanding of autism, ability to discern the autism, and ability to respond appropriately.


This course is designed for teachers and professionals who work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or anyone who wishes to have the ability to successfully understand and support children with autism of all levels of functionality.

The course contain 8 Modules and 59 Lessons and educators may enroll to receive 2 Professional Development Credits.