Mindset Makeover

A 5 Part Self-Directed Learning Experience

If there was a way to help both you and your child feel less frustrated, aggravated, or overwhelmed, would it make your life easier?

Would it lessen the day to day worry, exhaustion and fear for you?

Would the absence of these negative experiences allow you to commit more energy to actually working with your child more effectively and successfully?

We know it would, because we have listened to 1,000’s of parents just like you and helped them do just that.

So if you want to:

  • Make the most of the resources you already have
  • Help your child feel better about themselves
  • Feel more peaceful about life with autism
  • Learn a simple way to change your prospective to gain more cooperation
  • Create a closer bond with your child

You can gain all that and much more in this powerful Mindset Makeover Training.

We know you only want the best for your child! You want them to be happy and successful in their lives.

But leaving that to chance won’t work.

So why not have the tactics, tools and techniques that can make profound changes for you, your child and your family?

Helping our children to feel good about themselves, feel understood, and know with certainty that we are in their corner is an important foundation to that happiness, and one that is often lost in the turmoil and difficulty of day to day living… especially now.

When you shift your focus in specific, tested ways that deepen how you support your kids by creating a better bond with them, it has a game changing effect – for everyone!

If you are:

  • feeling overwhelmed about where to begin to improve your relationship with your child
  • exhausted by the fears and uncertainty of the future
  • frustrated because your efforts aren’t producing the results you want

This training will give you clear, logical steps to help change your perspective, your experience and your outcomes in ways that are highly effective for working with kids on the spectrum!

There is so much freedom to be gained by approaching our challenges with a

great mindset!

Course Overview

In the 5 Modules of this self-directed learning experience, you will receive tools, strategies, and exercises to help you uncover hidden beliefs that may be tripping you up, and makeover the mindset you use to approach life with autism!

Part 1

  • Understand how adopting a mindset that makes success inevitable changes everything
  • See what the READi Mindset is and why you want to use it in the READi Moment
  • Discover 12 Powerful Beliefs that support success

Part 2

  • Discover the fastest way to create healing for you in Your Family

  • Uncover how your focus can change what you see

  • Learn the Most Important Thing You Can Do to Help Your Child Become Independent

Part 3

  • Get strategies to manage your feelings in the moment (and discover why this is a game changer)

  • Discover how to move forward, even when you feel emotionally stuck

  • Identify and address limiting beliefs about autism (and see how this can remove many obstacles encountered every day)

Part 4

  • Gain validation for your very real parental struggles

  • Understand why you feel pressure to lead your family (and see how this influences everything)

  • Find Out What Usually Gets Ignored When it Comes to Self-Care

Part 5

  • See what mindset is most likely to create success in life with ASD

  • Uncover what truly “Winning the Inner Game” will do for you and your family

  • Discover the 9 steps toward Making Peace with Autism

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