Are you Autism Savvy? Your Questions Answered.

Can a child with autism make eye contact?

Tim Wahlberg, Ph.D.
Juvenile and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist, School Psychologist
Clinical Director National Autism Academy, Wheaton, IL
Founder, The Prairie Clinic, Geneva, IL

What are the common misdiagnoses over 5?

Must children with autism have delayed language?

Area of child’s development autism impacts most

Can medication benefit children with ASD?

The most common co-morbid diagnosis under 5

Can diet alone reduce or eliminate autism symptoms?

Do most children with autism experience sensory issues?

Can a child be diagnosed with autism and Downs?

Percentage of extroverts vs. introverts

Why is a child with ASD oppositional?

Mother’s opinion that something is off

Can a child with ASD engage with others?

Can anxiety increase hypersensitivity?

Questions to ask when assessing a child