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New Hope for
Life with Autism

Are You…

a parent?
a grandparent?
a caregiver?
a teacher?

Do You…

…struggle with frustration from failing to create better behavior?

…feel unsure how to help the child succeed in school?

…feel exhausted from the constant effort that doesn’t work?

…live a life filled with uncertainty, pain, or worry about the future?

“Before I took this course, I was frustrated, at my wits end. I didn’t know what to do, where to go, or anything else. I found myself yelling at him all the time, and he was frustrated and crying, and I was frustrated and crying, and my husband was screaming at both of us.

There was a constant theme of anger in our house. Everybody was mad at everybody all the time. We had good moments, but if you look back it was mostly anger.

Over the course of learning to understand this material and learning to understand him better, I got less frustrated, and he, now the overall theme is that we are in a good space and now we only have moments of mess, and they are very situational.”

Janna P.

Essential Parenting Guidance Program

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How different would life be for you and your family if you:

  • Knew how to regulate and manage your child’s behavior?
  • Could get past important milestones, like potty training?
  • Had support dealing with the school?
  • Could stop the frustrating and embarrassing meltdowns?
  • Could regain the balance in your life so you could work, or focus on your other children?
  • Felt confident that your child was reaching their potential?
  • Felt the relief that comes from taking action that works?
  • Felt confident about your ability to parent your child toward success?
  • Relieved the tension level between you and your spouse?
  • Relieved the tension level of your entire family?
  • Knew how to support your child to create success for them?
  • Relieved the out-of-control feeling and begin to feel better?
  • Knew your child was headed for independence and a good life?
  • Create the deep connection with your child you desire?

Get answers to such questions as:

  • Why does he do that?
  • How do I get her to listen to me and respond?
  • Why does she always have to do it their way?
  • Why doesn’t he respond to me like my other kids?
  • Is he manipulating me?
  • What part of her behavior is age appropriate and what is the autism?
  • Why does life feel so out of control?
  • How do I get her to take responsibility for her actions?
  • How can I make real change in my child’s life?
  • Am I just a lousy parent?
  • How do I get him more organized so he can be successful at school?
  • How do I get the school to understand her needs?

Now Introducing the

Essential Parenting Guidance Inner Circle Program

The best way to get all the materials from the original Essential Parenting Guidance ($1500 value) in an easy to use, supported monthly format

There are 3 ways to get this life-changing package of Essential Parenting Guidance for Parents with Children on the autism spectrum.

“I have learned so much during this training. I am also beginning to see progress being made from J. and myself.

J.’s therapist is so on board with what I am sharing with her and we have been trying new techniques with him and seeing positive results.”

Jeannine P.

“I have learned more ways to help my son in the 2 weeks I have been with the NAA than in the past 5 years with paraprofessionals.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am spreading the word.”

Christine H.

Excellent good folks, very helpful information, very influential in our lives as a parent on the spectrum who has a child on the spectrum, this is a very enlightening experience.”

Christy S.

“I have just started this program. And I have already learned so much about how to help my kids.”

Cassandra C.

Meet our expert faculty…

Jeanne Beard

Founder of National Autism Academy
Author of “Autism & The Rest of Us”

Dr. Timothy Wahlberg

Clinical Director
Author of “Finding the Gray”

About National Autism Academy

Our goal is to help transform the autism parenting experience to one that:

  • Creates real and lasting results
  • Moves your child down the road to independence
  • Feels more manageable
  • Feels more peaceful, more supported and more fulfilling
  • Honors the gifts of the child on the spectrum
  • Nurtures the entire family

We believe:

  • Every person with autism is a unique and cherished individual
  • The foundation of a healthy approach is unconditional love
  • As parents, the greatest resources we can leverage for change is our knowledge, our own perspective and our own emotional health
  • Parenting a child with autism can be a joyful experience
  • All members of the family are affected by one member’s autism, and so we are all part of the equation for success

Our Mission:

As Jeanne grew in her understanding of life with autism, her personal mission became supporting other parents by providing the help she needed and couldn’t find. Jeanne is so sure that this information will change your life that she created the National Autism Academy to provide the platform to share this incredibly valuable information with you from the comfort of your home, and with the flexibility you need to fit it into your schedule.

Imagine the joy of experiencing real shifts in your child and seeing them succeed where they had not succeeded before. You’ll experience them becoming more comfortable in their own skin as a result of the knowledge you’ve gained completing a series of simple exercises in this program. The Autism Empowerment Program is like having a personal autism coach by your side, helping you identify how autism effects your unique child and helping you find the perfect next steps so you can serve the well-being of your entire family.

If you are a parent, grandparent, sibling, caregiver or teacher of a child with autism…

This program is for you! Get this valuable program now!

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