Thriving Doesn’t Happen By Accident.

But it doesn’t have to be hard … for you or your child.

Every parent wants the best for their child.

But as your child grows … the challenges your child faces grows.

And as a result … your parenting challenges grow too.

Because you know there’s a lot on the line.

Everything from maintaining relationships to getting a job … from bathing to managing finances. 

The ‘Adulting’ list can seem never ending.

Without added direction and guidance, your child is at risk. 

That’s because schools don’t prepare your child for independence.

So if you don’t close the gap, no one will.

That impacts not just how your child does things. 

But how they feel about themselves.

And most parents haven’t been taught how to navigate this in a way that effectively gets their child ready. 

Is your child ready for what comes next?

Now is the time to start investing in strategies for your child’s future.

Which means a lot more stress for you and your entire family.

If you’re like most parents …

The ‘growing up’ years puts you between a rock and a hard place.

You know your child will be heading out your door … yet they aren’t fully prepared for how to navigate on their own.

And that puts them at heightened risk.

The best time to help them is now – before a problem happens.


I know.  I experienced that when my kids were hitting the teenage years.

My sons (both on the spectrum) wanted to do what other kids were doing.

But they weren’t ready.  From getting up on their own in the morning … to getting dressed … to doing school work.  (Let’s not even talk about handling money, chores or calling to check-in.)

I felt like such a bad mom.

I wanted them to have independence … to be happy … and to have the benefits we all enjoy from a life well lived … but I also wanted them safe.

But school wasn’t helping them learn how to do that. 

And I couldn’t help but wonder … was I failing them?  Was I doing everything I could to show them how to live a life where they felt like they were thriving?

I couldn’t just sit there and watch them flounder.

I started asking other parents about their experience.  What worked?  What didn’t?

But what I was told by parents of neuro-typical kids was totally different than what would help kids on the spectrum.

My kids thought differently … processed differently … and were motivated differently.

So when I started the National Autism Academy, I interviewed hundreds of parents with kids on the spectrum.

And I also spoke with teachers, therapists and professionals who had experience in working with autism.

On top of that, I read more material than any one person would want to read … to get answers that made sense for parents and children with autism. 

Through all of the talks, interviews, and resources …  I gathered insights, information and techniques to help other parents better help their children.

I put the best part of it all together a short mini-series to help parents navigate these ‘growing up years’ better so you could more easily and effectively help your child thrive.

Get solutions that work – the kind no one is talking about.

You and your child deserve an easier, better future.

And both of you can have it … without having to do all of the work, handle all of the interviews or read all of the articles.

Here’s what we’ll cover …

What Will We Cover? 

Strategies for Success

If your child doesn’t have a solid foundation, they will struggle when given more independence.

We’ll help you prepare the foundation for your child to start to transition into independence.

We’ll identify barriers to success, show you why boundaries and priorities are key, and unpack skills and strategies for greater success with more ease. 

Emerging Independence

If your child doesn’t commit to small doses of responsibility, they will fail in daily living activities.

We’ll reveal ways to help you guide your child through emerging changes, pressures and shifts.

We’ll unlock ways to help them feel good about themselves, become more comfortable in their own skin, and develop the skills needed to enjoy independence.

Common Parent Concerns

If your child grabs all of the focus, they can’t become independent. (Counter-intuitive but true).

We’ll tackle how to navigate this time with less conflict and greater joy, ease and mastery. 

We’ll cover how NOT to lose yourself as you parent to greater independence.  That’s why this training is for parents and not for the individual on the spectrum.

Session 1

Transition Preparedness

  • Diagnosis and Challenges
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Anxiety and Coping Skills
  • Experience and Independence
  • Identifying Strengths
  • Time and Energy

Session 2

Functional Skills

  • Safety In Public
  • Hygiene and Self-Care
  • Money and Time Management
  • Organizational Skills
  • Identifying Difficult Behaviors
  • Communication and Social Skills
  • Executive Functioning

Session 3

Self Advocacy Skills

  • Skills for Independent Living
  • Self-Advocacy (for you AND your child)
  • Understanding Consequences
  • Accountability

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If you’re still reading, I get the hesitation.  But think about this.

What is the value of:

+ your child being able to more effectively navigate their independence
+ your child’s ability to thrive being developed at a deeper level, and
+ your child having tactics and tools to help them feel proud of themselves?

Or even:

+ your peace of mind knowing you have given your child every available advantage
+ your confidence in having tools, techniques and tactics that can help your entire family navigate this growth period
+ your ability to better handle rising concerns before they become problems

And what is the cost of your child feeling like a failure?
Being unable to do the things you know is required for them to be more independent?
Or for them to go out into the world and being shunned because they haven’t yet mastered what others see as basic adult behaviors?

Because if all this Independence Readiness program did was gave you a few tactics and strategies to help make your child’s life better … wouldn’t it be worth it?

If all this did was to prevent you from feeling like a bad parent, wouldn’t it be worth it?

If all this did was give you some tips to help make it so your child doesn’t flounder, isn’t it worth it?

Because you’ll get that and more.

So really … there are two choices.

Option 1:

Continue trusting that whatever your child gets in school and what you know without having learned from the hundreds of parents, teachers, therapists and counsellors we’ve interviewed will be enough to get them ready for aging out of the school system.


Option 2: 

Get the tools, tactics and insights from someone who not only has two kids on the spectrum but has interviewed literally hundreds of other parents, teachers, therapists and professionals to bring to you what really works.

With the money back guarantee, it’s a no-brainer.

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And discover how to really help your child thrive into independence.

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