Holiday Survival Made Easy

Holidays.  It’s normal to want holidays that are more merry and bright with all of the magic of the season.

But if you’re a parent with a child on the spectrum, the holidays can be painfully hard.  

They can deepen that feeling that you’re not good enough, can’t make anyone happy, and are the worst parent ever. 

Because too often at the holidays, it can seem like no matter what you do, there are still meltdowns, disappointments and disapproving comments from others.

When you add to it that sense that no one seems to understand what you’re going through, the holidays can be the loneliest time of the year. 

Left unaddressed, it can snowball into another year of more of the same – rising tension, a string of comments and behaviors you’re not proud of and an awareness that you have no way to turn the tide.

And that’s painfully hard.  I know … because I lived it.

If you want a holiday where you – and your child – feel more peace and joy, you’ve got to do something different.  As they say, doing the same things won’t get you different results.  And they’re right.

After decades of not having the tools to change how things were going or what I was experiencing, I had had enough.  (Maybe you can relate).  I wanted more peace with my parenting, the support of others so I didn’t have to feel so alone and tried and tested ways of handling whatever happened.

But back then, it wasn’t available.  So I decided to do something about it.

Since then, I’ve listened to 1,000’s of parents just like you share their experiences.  And I’ve spoken with experts, partnered with a leading authority on spectrum behaviors and created a space to provide support and strategies so no parent has to go through what I went through – for them or their kids.

That’s why we’ve put together this Special – so no parent has to go it alone or miss out on strategies that work.  It not only stops the snowball, it can leave you more confident, empowered and clear about what to do.

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So if you want to:

  • Find more joy in the holidays
  • Help your child feel better about themselves
  • Feel more peaceful about how you’re living with autism

You need a holiday survival kit.

If you keep trying to navigate the holidays the way you’ve been doing it, it could be just another holiday season gone down the drain.

In Holiday Survival Made Easy, you get strategies and tools designed to help make parenting through the holidays and beyond with a child on the spectrum easier and more anxiety-free.

  • Get simple ways to change battles into victories for both you and your child.
  • Gain more cooperation while deepening the bond you have with your child.
  • Reduce the frustration by getting techniques that actually work.

You want to help your child feel good about themselves, feel understood, and know with certainty that you are in their corner. And you don’t want to lose your sanity, happiness, or even sleep trying to do that. Holiday Survival Made Easy helps you shift not only your focus but your experience in specific, tested ways that deepen how you support your kids by creating a better bond with them while freeing up your time and emotional energy.

It has a game changing effect for the entire family!

If you are feeling:

  • overwhelmed about where to begin to improve your relationship with your child
  • exhausted by the fears and uncertainty of what to do to get better cooperation
  • frustrated because your efforts aren’t producing the results you want

Holiday Survival Made Easy will give you clear, easy-to-implement steps to help change your experience and your outcomes … and it will do so in ways that are highly effective for working with kids on the spectrum!

Don’t delay.

Sign up Today!

Course Overview

You get tools, strategies, and insights to help you turn the holidays from ho-hum to happy.  And knowing what it’s like with a child on the spectrum, it’s put together so you can go at your own pace!  Self-guided, online and complete with actionable tactics and techniques.

This special holiday offering includes 8 weeks of live strategy and encouragement calls. 

Part 1

  • Shift your mindset so that success for you and your child is inevitable
  • See what the READi Mindset is and why during the holidays you want to use it in the READi Moment
  • Discover 12 Powerful Beliefs that support success and make your holiday experience brighter

Part 2

  • Discover a technique that creates healing for you and that you can use at any time
  • Uncover how to direct your focus to improve your holidays (and every day)
  • Learn the most important thing you can do to free up your time and release your worry … all while helping your child have more independence

Part 3

  • Get key strategies to help you survive the holidays and manage your feelings in the moment – even when its heated (and discover why this is a game changer)
  • Discover how to get out of a rut and move forward even when you feel emotionally stuck
  • Identify and address limiting beliefs about autism (and see how this can remove many obstacles encountered every day)

Part 4

  • Gain validation for your very real parental struggles
  • Understand why you feel increased pressure – especially now – to lead your family (and see how this influences everything)
  • Find out what usually gets ignored when it comes to Self-Care and why this impacts everything

Part 5

  • See what mindset is most likely to create success during the holidays (and in life with ASD)
  • Uncover what truly “Winning the Inner Game” will do for you and your family
  • Discover the 9 steps toward Making Peace with Autism

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Holiday Survival Made Easy


Expert Secrets to Happier Holidays

The additional Expert Secrets to Happier Holidays experience will help you if you’re looking to keep your sanity over Thanksgiving dinner, New Year’s, and everything in between. Not only will you have a happier holiday, it will help you gain greater cooperation from your child with ASD … create more connection … and have smoother interactions … all while providing you with the tools to stay in a more peaceful place no matter what is swirling around you. And you don’t have to spend the time to figure it all out on your own. We’ve gathered Expert Secrets all in one place to give you the insider scoop all from the comfort of your home.

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