Grandparent Training

As caring Grandparents, you see first hand how Autism effects the whole family …

Not just the individual who has it. Watching those you love struggle to juggle all that is involved with an ASD diagnosis can leave you growing in concern, feeling frustrated and perhaps even frightened about the future.

You also know that supporting your grandchild’s parents gives them the help needed to provide additional time, care and nurturing that a child with autism needs to succeed.

But what is the best way to offer support? And exactly what kind of support helps?

I have learned more ways to help my son in the 2 weeks I have been with the NAA than in the past 5 years with paraprofessionals. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am spreading the word.

Christine H.

Introducing 20 Ways to Create Connection with your Autistic Grandchild

As a Grandparent, you stand in a powerful position to contribute so much to the success of your grandchild and their parents. And there’s a way to bring those contributions more to the forefront.

Gain greater insight and understanding into some of the key aspects about autism and what you can do to support the entire family.  Uncover a clear path specifically for Grandparents so that you can up-level the ways available to you to make a difference. This training is filled with actionable tools, techniques and strategies to help the entire family.  It will guide you through uncovering more ways to support your family – from parent to grandchild – so they can have more consistent progress, the ability to function independently, more happiness and more connection throughout their life.

Get the support so you can be even more of the right support!

Get Your Family Started on the Road to More Success with this Impactful 2-3 Hour Training:

  • Free On-line Grandparent Assessment
  • 5 Easy-to-Understand Training Modules:
    1. Introduction to Autistic Neurology
    2. List of Common Characteristics
    3. Successful Communication Strategies
    4. How to Support the Child’s Parents
    5. Creating Your Personalized Plan
  •  “10 Powerful Mindsets that Support Your Family”
  • Purchase of this program includes a coupon for up to $500 off of the $1,495 purchase price of our companion program, Essential Parenting Guidance Structured Family Support for your grandchild’s parents!

If the training in any of our courses is not completely life changing for you or your family, let us know within 30 days and we will refund you 100% of your purchase.