Do you know someone who is coping with autism in their family and want to show you care?

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Gift Amazon’s latest bestseller, Autism & The Rest of Us (in e-book format) delivered to a friend, and receive a free bonus “Autism From The Outside” for yourself. This 16-page report will reveal simple ways to offer effective support, and give you an insiders peek into life with autism in a child or family member. Learn how you can become the supportive and helpful friend or family member you want to be!

Here’s what’s inside Autism & The Rest Of Us: 

  • Understand why the non-social perspective of those with autism make them appear that they just don’t “get it,” and learn strategies to compensate.
  • Gain insights and understanding that will help you be more effective in any situation with a person on the autism spectrum.
  • Find relief for the sense of frustration and aggravation that stems from your relationship.
  • Identify the common character traits of people with ASD in your loved one.
  • Learn 38 strategies in 5 categories that will improve your experience of living with autism.
  • Discover the potential for joy and peace that exists in your relationship with a person on the autism spectrum.

Learn all this and more as you turn everyday into therapy with your loved one with autism.

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Words of Praise

This is an incredible book for those of us who want know more about what life really feels like for a person on the spectrum, and how we can take care of ourselves as we are living along side them. I am amazed by the amount of information Jeanne presents in her book. She covers statistics on how autism is the United States is increasing annually, tells us how to separate the autism from our loved one who has it, and defines the sometimes confusing social behavior of the autistic person. There is also a lot of very valuable information on how we can make our relationship with our loved one, a loving one! I highly recommend this book to all people who want to learn more about autism, and how they can grow themselves when touched by a person with autism. Thank you Jeanne for your huge contribution!

Katie Rogers