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1. Roadmap to Readiness

Discover why teaching a child with ASD to be independent is so important (and how to do it) in this 12-page whitepaper.

2. Get the Top 10 (+3) Communication Tips

This newly revised 10-page booklet will help parents and educators learn to communicate with a person with autism effectively.

3. Make This Your Best Year Yet with Your Child with ASD

In this FREE Masterclass Video with Jeanne Beard our Founder you will…

  • Learn how to help your child stay calm and avoid the meltdowns that embarrass and frustrate you
  • Learn what to do in the moment to diffuse a situation and create more positive outcomes, and get greater cooperation from your child
  • Discover why your parenting strategies aren’t working for you, and what simple fixes will make all the difference

4. Autism from the Outside

This in-depth report is designed to help the people who surround a family with a child who is on the autism spectrum to understand more deeply and in a non-clinical way, the experience of those with autism and their parents.

If you are a grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, other relative, friend, neighbor, educator, doctor, therapist or just an interested party in a child’s life, and you suspect a child has autism, or you already know that they have autism, this report will provide some important perspectives you need to know to be helpful.

5. Stop the Meltdowns

This booklet will teach you how to handle and reduce the meltdowns related to autism.

6. “Autism and the Rest of Us” Excerpts

Learn how to sustain a healthy, functional, and satisfying life with a person on the Autism spectrum.

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