Expert Secrets to Happier Holidays!

You devote a ton of time, energy and money trying to make the holidays as memorable and perfect as possible. But no matter how much you try, it often seems like the Holidays are a lot more horrendous than ‘Hallmark.’ Tensions rise trying to get everything done. Uncertainty abounds over who you will see and when. And those threatened melt downs at the dinner table are enough to take the holy out of any holiday.

The thing is … no matter how well-intentioned everyone is, many parents simply haven’t been shown how to have a happier holiday … especially if they have a child on the spectrum. And without that secret insider information, it’s virtually impossible to move from maxed out to merry. That’s why we put these Expert Secrets together.

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8 Weeks of Live Strategy and Encouragement Group Calls!

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The expert secrets presented in these 8 weeks help give you insights and strategies to have a lot more magic and far less melt-down induced misery around the holidays.

If you’re looking to keep your sanity over Thanksgiving dinner, New Year’s, and everything in between, Expert Secrets for Happier Holidays is for you. Not only will you have a happier holiday, it will help you gain greater cooperation from your child with ASD … create more connectionand have smoother interactions … all while providing you with the tools to stay in a more peaceful place no matter what is swirling around you. And you don’t have to spend the time to figure it all out on your own. We’ve gathered Expert Secrets all in one place to give you the insider scoop all from the comfort of your home. As you probably already know, traditional parenting strategies don’t work for kids with ASD. These strategies are different, they are specially designed for ASD success. So if you won’t a happier holiday, don’t delay!

Gain insights to help move your needle further along

the happiness scale!

Course Overview

We bring you the Expert Secrets in an easy to digest video format. It provides practical ways for you to handle some of the most common ASD struggles at the holidays.  And it gives you the opportunity to go through the secrets at your own pace while giving you time to answer your pressing questions.

Don’t face another holiday without these key insider tips.

Get real answers to help make your holidays … and the holidays for your family … merry and bright while connecting with other parents experiencing similar concerns.

Get all of this plus the bonus 8 live strategy and encouragement calls!

Training in Bite-Size Pieces to Consume at Your Own Pace!

  • Comprehensive self-study course in easy-to-use monthly lessons
  • 8 weekly live strategy and encouragement calls!
  • Pre-recorded live training calls
  • Pre-recorded Q&A calls with clinical experts
  • Email support
  • 24/7 access during the 8 weeks to the Learning Laboratory
  • Private Member’s only Facebook group
  • Peace for Today and a Plan for Tomorrow video series
  • 7 Emotional Secrets video series addressing parent grief and sadness
  • 2 free e-books packed with supportive strategies and guidance (a $39.00 value)


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With 8 Live Strategy and Encouragement Group Calls!

Only $100 $47 for single pay or 2 payments of $25

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Expert Secrets to Happier Holidays


Holiday Survival Made Easy

The additional Holiday Survival Made Easy experience gives you the emotional support you need to make this holiday season happier for everyone. It includes tools, strategies, and insights to help you turn the holidays from ho-hum to happy. And knowing what it’s like with a child on the spectrum, it’s put together so you can go at your own pace! Self-guided, online and complete with actionable tactics and techniques.

Only $144 $74 for single pay or 2 payments of $38

If the training in any of our courses is not completely life changing for you or your family, let us know within 30 days and we will refund you 100% of your purchase. 

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